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Digital Marketing
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Case Study #1

Customer: E-Commerce | Healthy Food

Facebook + Instagram + Newsletters

Budget: £100 Daily 

2022 Revenue: £201,823.43

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For the last few years, DMA Int. have helped us to double our sales, which doesn't sounds a lot, but in our niche and highly expensive business it's a lot. Their commitment for the process is something we never seen before with no digital marketing agency before. They really wants us to thrive and they do everything in their powers to do so.

Judd Azgard

M Krypton CEO





Who we are?

Businesses tend to suffer from these 3 problems:


  1. Lack of clients, which can be resolved via precise advertising

  2. Lack of sales, which can be resolved via the right selling system

  3. Both 1 & 2

DMA Int. exist to solve all of the above, including 4. Just kidding, there is no 4. Be honest, have you looked again? 🙂


DMA Int. founded in 2006 to help businesses gain more customers and sales with digital advertising. We grew up alongside the internet, from the very first Google advertisement platform, through social media ads, native ads, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tiktok etc.


We know exactly what to write and what to say in order to make potential clients stop in front of your ads, get into the sales funnel and exit as a full paid customer.


We do it daily for more than 17 years so we gain a bit of experience in this area 🙂


We enjoy every aspect of the sales process: from analyzing your customer’s psychology of purchasing your service\product, into the creative and copywriting process, setting up the campaigns and watching your revenue go up and up and up.


The best part is that with us, you don’t have any commitment for a long period of time. Although our clients stay with us for many years, none of them is bound in any contract other than a monthly one. The reason for this method is to make us work harder for you so you will keep seeing great results every month. Our interest is to have you as a client for many years, and the only way for us to do it is if we will make your business thrive.


DMA Int. will deliver a divine marketing service that will bring you great success for your business. With us, you can be relaxed that we’ve got you covered on the marketing side of your business.


If you want us to help you increase your incomes, click here and schedule your free marketing evaluation call.



DMA Int.

Case Study #2

Customer: Beauty Clinic | Facial Treatment Leads

Facebook + Instagram

Budget: £25 Daily 

1 Day Results: 8 Leads

Facial, Anti-Aging, Engalnd.png

Campaign optimizations to generate more profits


Launching campaigns for a precise cold and warm audience with higher purchase intent


Making creatives and writing copy that will attract potential buyers

Original Ideas

Generate original marketing ideas that your competitors never thought of


Case Study #3

Customer: Beauty Clinic | Eye Lift Leads

Facebook + Instagram

Budget: £30 Daily  

1 Day Results: 10 Leads


Professional Digital Marketing

With more than 17 years of marketing experience and total ad spend of over 10 million Dollars, we've become natural marketing experts. Our team of experts know exactly what to do and more importantly - what not to do - in order to maximize our clients ad spend so they will have 10X returns.

Just like Will Hunting said: you know how easy this is for us? We already know what's the best platform for your business to advertise, what you need to show and what you need to write, and we deliver results very quickly.

If you want to join our successful clients just fill in the form and we will get back to you shortly:

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Our Clients:

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